Tuesday, 9 September 2008

About my blog.

I had started my first since 1998. There was no such term that time, even the "Online diary" was used later. It was just written using HTML with Microsoft Word / Frontpage. Writing web page was a "skill" that time, no tool was available to make it easier. So it was not very popular. Most of my classmates just made their homepage because it was their first IT assignment. Then the homepage would wait to die.

There was no specific topic in my "blog" and the access count was around 10-20 a day. The "blog" was hosted in the web page account in UST.

After leaving UST, I did not have any web page account. The blog had started its immigrant life. From UST to home web server using apache, apache to online storage, online storage to msn live, msn live to blogspot. I was trying xanga before but no good. I think.

Few years back I had my backup of the old blog, it was actually very fun when you read what you had written many years back. Some of the backup were gone and there was no way to recover it. Sad. Hope one day I could find some of them and share with you.

My msn live blog is still alive, take a look.


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