Wednesday, 17 June 2009

SQ SMS Check-in

Singapore has recently launched a SMS Check-in Service, which draws my attention immediately. You can find the link here of you can see the text below: 

Singapore Airlines is pleased to offer you SMS Check-in service designed to reduce hassle and offer more convenience should you be on the go.
To take advantage of this facility, you need to be a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer or PPS Club member. When you log-in to your KrisFlyer account, access  “My Booking Alerts” and register for a personal flight alerts profile. 
To check-in, simply reply with the given code in the check-in notification sent from “SQAlert” and you will receive a check-in confirmation message when you are successfully checked-in for yourself. 
SMS Check-in is currently available for flights operated by Singapore Airlines with the exception of flights departing from Colombo.  The service is unavailable for mobile phone subscribers in Canada, Japan, Korea and USA.

For me, this is kind of innovative service because it is really better to check-in with mobile, especially when I am in oversea where internet connection is not obvious. The process is simple, just replying a SMS. It is done.

But then, the next question coming is, why I need to do an early check-in?
To reduce hassle, which is answered in the above already.

However, how do we present the boarding pass? Perhaps one day, the Singapore airport and some more airports allow to use a bardcode (or something else) on the mobile as the boarding pass, it could be the solution. Technically is possible and it is not very costly. But I don't see this will happen because part of the check-in process is visual check. This can't be done by a mobile device. In addition, even if I have checked in with mobile but I arrive the airport late. At the counter, will the airline still help me to print the boarding pass? I doubt. Or they have just released by seat because I did not show up in time.

The second reason for an early check-in is to select a seat, but I don't think this can't be done by SMS.

So? Do I need a SMS check-in?

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