Sunday, 11 July 2010

Google in China

節錄至信報 7 月 10 日。

扭粒糖 跌間廠



If Google had taken a big leap and had withdrawn from China, it could at least earn the name of being a liberty defender which might serve it well in developing other emerging markets. Losing a big orange, you nevertheless pick up a small mandarin in return. However, at the end of last month, Google finally applied to the Chinese government for a renewal of its license, promising to follow China’s laws and to accept regulation. After making a big fuss, Google returned to square one, throwing all the goodwill gained to the garbage bin.

If a naughty child throws a tantrum and makes a big scene in public so as to force his mother to buy him candies, well, he’s only asking for trouble. He would probably be dragged back to the house, beaten severely, forced to knee in front of the land god, and won’t be given any dinner. Foreigners would never understand the way the Chinese use to teach the children.

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