Monday, 1 March 2010

I fixed my iTunes

Following the purchase of the new laptop, I had setup all the software again.

It was so troublesome and I got probelms for every software that I installed, including iTunes.

After the installation of iTunes 9.0.3, it started without any major problems. But the GUI showed Chinese. Then I changed the GUI language to English.

After the switch of the language, the iTunes could not start! It showed "iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes." when I started it. iTunes could not start, of course.

With so many uninstall and install, it did not work. The same error message kept. Then I decided to dig into details - I monitored the iTunes configuration.

I found that the language preference was actaully written into registry HKCU\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\iTunes\LangID.

Nothing would be there with the default language was being used, while it would added / updated when another prefer language was used. When I set the iTune to English, iTunes could not start with the error message about. When I removed the registry, or change to 1028 which was the LangID for Chinese, iTune could start.

The miracle began here. I tried to switch every possible languages to see what happen. Simplified Chinese - did not work, English (UK) did not work also.

Next, I tried Swedish. iTunes could start !
I changed my preferred language to Swedish, iTunes could start!

And last but not the least, the language of the interface was still in English.
An iTunes installed on a Windows 7 with Hong Kong as system locale should use Swedish as the preferred language so that it displayed English properly.
This is so unbelievable!!!

Funny....Anyway, I don't really care.

But, the voice over did not work again!

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