Monday, 3 May 2010

Taxi Fare in Singapore

Up till now, 1 year and 6 months in Singapore. There are few things identified cheaper than in Hong Kong.

Taxi Fare is one of the these few things, although most of my friends in Singapore (Either HK or Singaporean) do not agree.

Let's take a look to Singapore Taxi Fare.

In summary, the major cost are:
1: Flag Down: $3.00
2: $0.2 for every 385 / 330 meters.
3: Peak hour / overnight surcharge.
4: CBS / Airport surcharge.
5: ERP surcharge.

Taking the SG-HK exchange rate today (9-Nov-2009): 5.58. So it means:
1: Flag Down: HK$ 16.8
2: HK$1.1 for every 385 / 330 meters

In HK, taxi fare is much simple.
1: Flag Down: HK$ 18
2: HK$1.5 for first $HK70.5 and HK$1 after the first $HK70.5

If we convert to a comparison, the it will become.
1: Singapore: HK$2.85 (First 10km)/ 3.3 (After first 10km) for every 1km
2: Hong Kong: HK$7.5 (First 9km)/ $5 (After first 10km) for every 1km.

So it means Taxi fare in Singapore is definitly cheaper than Hong Kong.

It is a common mis-understanding, like the MTR in Hong Kong is more expensive than MRT in Singapore...

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