Monday, 29 August 2011

A Tutorial to the manager

A Tutorial to mangers and management.

I always believe that, managers and management is a new job category from 90's. One of the major reasons is there are too many people in this world than ever. There are too many skilled workers and any one with a better communication skill would be excellent - too many options for them. 

A successful manager or successful management, one of the key successful factors, from my point of view, is the number of options. More options you have, better communication skill you have, you can always make a better decision. The manager can implement whatever campaign, policy, rules, COST SAVING or etc because the available options make sure he won't fail. 

But the key is - OPTION. 

Fundamentally, a good manager or management is just to make sure the individual or the team work better - They could do better than what they're supposed. They are supposed to be the worse, they could become worser with good management. They are supposed to be above average, they could be verity good worth good management. However, it is usually extremely difficult to change something from the worse to the best. You can't mind the gold from the trash. It is just impossible to create a miracle from nothing even with the best manager. 

3 games, GD is -3, 3 red cards in 3 games, ranked 17th. If the name of team is Blackpool, I could accept that. And probably the scroll would be 18-2 if we do not have the better keeper.

Wenger, the world has changed, the way in 90's does not work anymore, either you have to change or you have to go. You eliminate the options you have, take away the possible success factors, what will be your plan?

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