Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Follow the First time in Sydney dew days back, I was actually taking the A380 from Sydney back to Singapore - my first travel with this air giant.

The air craft is big, but comparing with Boeing 747 Jumbo (Not sure the exact name), but I only had seen this air giant with 5 seconds and I did not have many comments about it. One of the differences was that there were four entrances at the boarding gate - lower deck 1st and biz class, lower deck economy, upper deck 1st and biz class and upper deck economy. It is kind of confusing to some passengers...

The interior is new, very new, of course it is new the people would imagine. I made this comment because I got a chance to take the new "product" from CX also. The CX's interior was supposed to be new but all ............ hm.

The front panel provides a high resolution screen, a glasses and a cup holder, a USB and a LAN port. According to the menu, you can put a USB thumb drive to see the video, pictures, PDF document using the LCD screen. I did not try it but it is actually a good idea. But I have no clue about the use of the LAN... Perhaps it will provide an internet access some days later. There is a video in connector and I guess it is similar use to the USB port, but less use. One evolution is that there is a power socket under the arm rest which is very useful for me.
The A380 also keeps the magazine pocket while CX has moved it under the chair which is absolutely inconvenient. It comes with few empty small pockets for your personal belongings.

I was unfortunately taking the economy class this time but fortunately the A380 provides an additional compartment which I like very much. The room is big enough for the pillow, blanket and my laptop bag.

Finally, I guess the above comments do apply for all the new interior for all SQ fligths, it does not matter with an A380 or not. Haha.

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