Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Singapore Taxi

One day in the morning, I was taking a cap in Singapore to go to customer meeting.

When I waved my hand, I saw that the cap coming toward to me was a bit, hm, the luxury one. But it does not like the normal limo taxi in Singapore. When the taxi stopped beside me, I checked the fare and it was only SGD 2.00 (~ HKD 10.00) expensive than normal one. No big deal, I got on board.

When I got on the taxi, I saw two small LCD TV on the pillow. Not a surprise and it usually shows information on the TV.

Then, the taxi driver suddenly asked me: "You want to sing?"
It was earlier in the morning so my response was like "errr? sorry?"
He said again: "Do you want to sing? I have a mic here and you can sing here. What songs do you prefer?"
It was earlier in the morning so I did not really have the mode to sing, then I just replied: "No thanks, but it is a brilliant idea to sing on the taxi."

After that, the driver started to introduce himself and he was very famous. Even BBC had a program about his idea then bili bala bili bala. Finally, the driver realized I am from Hong Kong. So he switched to Cantonese and asking me "Do you want to sing Beyond?"

This time I was impressed.

Without my intervene, he started to play the "大地".

It was fun. I did not sing finally but I did try out the mic and it was not bad. The driver said that some people even really booked his taxi because of this.
It was a fun experience.
By paying only additional HKD 10 then you could sing few songs before home. 
Imagine that you were taking this cab from Changi airport to the city, then it is totally worth it. 


seefei said...

never get his mobile number? want to book his taxi!! you going beyond concert later?

seefei said...

taikor, long time no update wo!!!