Thursday, 23 October 2008

Property Agent @ SG

To rent an or to buy an apartment in Singapore, there are few ways.

- Check the newspaper for the advertisment.
- Check the advertisment on the internet.
- Check the leaflet

Most of the cases the advertisments are posted by the agents. The property agents in Singapore are independent business.

It does not like in Hong Kong, Sweden, or India, you can find a property agent company on the street. Then you can find out the market price of that area without stepping in the company. I like an area, I find the property agent over there, then I rent an apartment there. It sounds very obvious.

But the property agents are really independent business. I feel that it is actually no different than finding a job.

How independent it is?

When you flip the property page of a newspaper, not only you will find the available properties, but also you can see the agents, with their pictures.

It does not mean anything for me. But it makes me recall one thing. There was a research "Beauty and labor market" carried out by Daniel S. Hamermesh and Jeff E Biddle. Their reseach found out that a better-looking person could at least earn 5-10% more than an average looking person. An an average looking person could at least earn 5-10% more than an Homely looking person. So I always know this is true but here is another proof. Otherwise, why people snow their pictures?

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