Friday, 3 October 2008

Singapore F1

Singapore F1 just finished. It was the first night formula 1 event ever.

Undoubtedly, it was a big event in Singapore. Since half year back, you could see anything, anytime and everywhere could relate to F1, such as having a F1 racing cars in a shopping malls with all companies logos. All commercial advertisements were also related to F1.

After the events, when you read the newspaper. You could easily find every piece of news talk about the very successful F1. I would agree that it is a successful event. However, the news was kind of interesting. For example, one piece was about a speaker talked about this event was highly rated by people even over Beijing Olympics. And the speaker was from a local Singaporean company.

Of course the people would rate this event higher than anything. Technically, it is no different than asking me like "Do I see the balance my bank account more important than the balance of your bank account".

I have heard that many interesting point of views of the local newspaper, I see how is work this time.

This picture was taken three days before the event. They were testing the track. Many roads were actually blocked 1 week before to ensure enough setup time for the event. Haha.... Then i recall the GT3 Hong Kong track.


seefei said...

again, more picture! you attended the hk gt3 race?

Match said...

O? What do you mean of the HK GT3 race?