Friday, 13 March 2009

PMP Training in Singapore

In a nothing to do evening, surfing the web, trying to find some training materials in Singapore. PMP is a common topic. When I was trying to ask for further information for a PMP course in Singapore. I was asked to provide email and some details about organization.

After the details were provided, I got the email below:

Dear Match Cheng,

Thanks for requesting information on the PMP exam preparation program. Just this action alone shows that you are serious about your career, and want to grow, build and take charge of your future. No mean feat! I would like to congratulate you for taking this first step towards achieving this great credential.

The Project Management Professional (or PMP) certification has become the de facto certification for project managers. Some companies even demand it in their job specifications. Just having the words "PMP" printed on your business card can have a great effect on your prospects, customers and friends.

Getting a PMP certification is not difficult. It just requires that you follow the right approach, take the right steps, read the right material, and do the practice tests. If you follow the regular schedule, you can be ready to take the PMP test in as little as 60 days.

The PMP examination is based on your experience as a project manager, your ability to solve problems, and a strong foundation in Project Management.

Once you understand the PMP exam's format, terminology, style, and learn the Project Management fundamental basics, you will be in a on your way to clear the PMP examination quickly, and without hassles.

In the next email, I'll send you more information about PMI & the PMP examination format. Till then...

All the Best & Cheers to your PMP Aspirations.

Donald Tsang,
Master Trainer
Mud Q Training Center.

The name Donald Tsang and Mud Q training Center are fake, but the interesting part to me is the "Master Trainer".
This title, ho chi ho scary gum.

In Hong Kong, when I registered a course for the same purpose, I will be called by a sales man after 5 minutes.

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