Sunday, 24 August 2008

Pentaxian Gathering 08-August

In Singapore, one of the most different things is there are far more group / gang activities. So far I have join a Pentaxian gathering and Arsenal Singapore gathering.

I have joined some in Hong Kong, but the scales are usually too big or too small. In Singapore, the clubs, they like to make a polo or tee even with a very small group of people. Someone will design the shirt, it is really a design although it may not be brilliant.

The forum in Singapore, it is also quite different than the forum in HK. Here is more like the oversea forum, people is more talkative and giving more opinion. Atmosphere is positive.

Last Friday, I joined the August event which was a Sun rising taking event.... It was really early in the morning, I got to wake up by 5am in the morning. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day so nothing much could be taken. Anyway, it was a good chance to try out other things.

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