Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Singapore Weather

Typhoon in Hong Kong again!

What I mean is this Typhoon is signal 8 again. In general, Hong Kong people do not think a signal 3 can be called as a Typhoon. The good thing for typhoon signal 8 is all (or most) people will get an extra holiday. Not only typhoon, a really heavy rain would also give HK people an extra holiday. The reason of giving an extra holiday is because Typhoon can be last for very long. People should go back to a safe place (home) during the period. It was actually very dangerous for people walking around during typhoon... Like this time, a man was killed because he was on the beach to see the big wave....

A safe place means indoor. It can be home, or karaoke room, playing Mahjong in your home, watch a movie in a cinema or something similar. Usually, it is not suprise for the karaoke box or cinema to be full house during typhoon. Some of the restaurants in Hong Kong do really open because it gives them an extra business opportunity. (PS: I can't imagine this would happen in S'pore coz it breaks the government's suggestion).

For me, I don't see any thing really bad about typhoon (Probably not true for those work in Airport or Fire Service). Not only I can sleep a bit longer than usual (just need to wake up earlier to ensure the typhoon do happen!), but also you can feel something different about your place. You will see a new look of the places you used to live in... You can really feel that how week a human being...

Pentax K20D, Tamron 18-250 @ 29mm

Typhoon in Hong Kong again!
It is probably the 3rd times this year. Sometimes you never get one in the whole year but this year is three in a row....
All my friends in Hong Kong just telling me that they get an extra holiday "AGAIN".

Then this questions come to me, is there any typhoon in Singapore?

The answer is very disappointing ---- "No".

Oh No! First of all, the number of public holiday is lesser than Hong Kong. Secondly, Singapore uses to rain a lot but only a short but messy one. You can just see the cloud coming and it is coming really fast, in 5 minutes. It starts dropping for 15-30 minutes and then it goes. It does not give you any extra holiday but just wasting your time if you are outside.

Pentax K20D, DA* 16-50 @ 16mm.
Some people tell me that this is good thing about Singapore - "Stable".


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