Monday, 25 August 2008

Pray for 7th Month

Singapore, in a way, is a very traditional country. There are many things could not be seen in Hong Kong many years, could be found in Singapore.

Pray for 7th month is a very good example.

When I was young, during the 7th month, I could see many people still go to the roadside to burn the "冥通銀行"'s banknote. In the factories, they would get a BBQ pig for this as well. At least I could remember I did that in the factory where my father working.

Now, I oculd not see that in Hong Kong, perhaps in a very very small scale. In Singapore, I could see this everywhere. Near the place I stay, near the place I work...

Besides, the pictures were taken by my back focus DA*16-50. I found out this problem after I had taken the pictures above. Anyway, you may see one of the pictures was very sharp because that picture was manual focus....

Can find the album below.

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